Our Team

The team at Great Lakes Behavior Analysis is committed to providing the highest level of support for our clients and their families. Our selective screening, hiring, and training process ensures we only invite competent and passionate individuals to join our team. We only employ Board Certified and Licensed Behavior Analysts, Board Certified associate Behavior Analysts, and Behavior Technicians that have extensive training and hands on experience to work directly with our clients.
Additionally, we think it is important that those in pioneering roles within the company also be practitioners. This leads to informed decision making that is always within the best interests of our clients. The President and CEO of Great Lakes is a Board Certified and Licensed Behavior Analyst with a graduate degree from the top performing behavior analysis program in the world and has extensive experience in a variety of settings with a wide range of individuals.

Behavior Analysts

All Behavior Analysts are not created equal. We carefully select only the most skilled, Licensed and Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs) to join our team.  Our BCBAs come from leading graduate programs across the United States with diverse experiences and specialty areas. Their education and training extends well beyond the minimum board certification requirements and they are among some of the most passionate professionals you’ll ever encounter.
At Great Lakes, our BCBAs provide direct clinical services to clients and families, frequent and consistent supervision of Behavior Technicians, and trainings to staff, clients, support teams, and organizations. Our streamlined systems allow practitioners to focus the majority of their time on clinical work rather than paperwork.  Additionally, our BCBAs continually participate in ongoing training and professional development opportunities to stay on top of the latest advancements within our field.

Behavior Technicians

Our Behavior Technicians (BTs) are the heartbeat of our company.  Many of them come to us from local colleges and universities and have an interest in the field of behavior analysis. At Great Lakes, we seek BTs that have a serious passion for teaching and interacting with special needs children.  They bring a healthy level of energy and enthusiasm to their work and want to make a difference in the lives of each client.
All of our BTs complete a rigorous, competency-based training program upon hire as well as receive ongoing training and supervision throughout their employment with us.  Our BTs implement individualized educational and behavioral programming designed by our Board Certified Behavior Analysts. They run direct one-on-one therapy sessions, assist in the development of new skills, and demonstrate how to respond to difficult or disruptive behaviors.